Make your own horse slow feeder

"I was just reading about the Drury Four Day Slow Feeder. What a fantastic contraption. It forces a full load (85-100lbs of hay) to last the horse a full 100 hours.

By reducing the rate of consumption, the horse is eating as he would in the wild. The digestive system functions correctly. And the position of the hay even brings the horse’s head downwards when eating. This is the natural stance for the grazing horse.

But then I saw the price. Paying $898 per unit is certainly a fast way to eat through your finances. Perhaps there’s another way to deliver our horses’ similar benefits?

Here’s a video that holds one answer. This lady has created a slow feeder using a hockey net and some string.

She says you should aim for something larger. That’s not a bad idea if you provide your horse 24-hour turnout."

- Dee

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  1. ab

    wow thanks now i will save money expesilly with 3 horses

  2. Nola

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to get warts off my horses chest he has one about 1/2inch and the a bunch of smaller ones

    1. Try Black Salve, Cansema or Xxterra.

      1. Linda

        Vitamin E oil.

      2. Kathy

        The Exterra is a little expensive but it works great!

    2. Tink

      find a local health food store or shop online for Raw(make sure its raw) Apple Cider Vinegar. I put it in my horses water for anything that is something from the inside out… Girth itch, ring worm, colds, ect… i bet it would work on your horses warts 😉 good luck and tell me how it goes if you use the vinegar 🙂 email me if you do 🙂

    3. Rosie H

      Medical Cannabis/Hemp Oil applied topically to the warts should make short work of them.
      Also, Apple Cider Vinegar kills warts (but it stings and can be painful) or any herbal antiviral applied topically- such as pokeroot oil, St.John’s Wort, Usnea.

  3. Sandi B

    This makes me happy as I can make one for my large round bales and slip it over the top, then tie the bottom each time I get a new bale. I think this will work well for me as we leave the round bales outside for him and our strong winds off the Gulf of St. Lawrence always seem to waste hay by blowing it away once he gets started on the bale.
    They ought to make horsie-faced “smilies” for this site!

  4. Karen

    Where’s the best place to get the hockey netting cheap and how big are the holes in the net? Great idea!

  5. Gwyn

    Are you suppose to put a small square bale in it? And do you just put it on the ground? I wish she would have took the instruction a bit further.

  6. Jane Blancher

    You seem very conscientious about your horses, so I was surprised to see that you use a BARBED WIRE FENCE! Shame on you.

  7. susan butske

    Does this lay on the ground or do you hang it up? Fill? Needs to be a little more explicit. Thanks

  8. Floss

    I am confused…… we all use these nets in the UK, definitely when stabled and they cost very little, usually around £5.

  9. TERRI

    😛 warts are the same as humans have salves ect. will not keep the warts from growing back they have to be froze off or leave them if there not causing problems .

  10. Teresa

    Thanks very cool ideals.

  11. Beth

    Try the homeopathic Thuja for warts

  12. Allan

    I use potato starch for warts. Allan

  13. Stan

    Use the milk from fig tree leaves. works wonders. Slices of fresh garlic are also powerfully anti-viral. Stick it on with really good sticking plaster. Be cautious with the amount of thuja (Thuja capense), can cause allergic reactions as it is poisonous. I made a horse feeder like this for a friend of mine. I used ski rope and macramé knots. works like a charm.

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