The magical powers of Truameel

If you have a horse and you haven't heard of Traumeel yet, you really need to read this.

I know that's a bold statement – but your horse will love you for it.

I'm a big fan of Truameel because it got my old pony cantering happily around the field again. I'd not seen her do that for a good year – yet all it took was just over a week of Traumeel tablets.

So it's not hard to see why I'm such a big fan of it.

(If you have an old and stiff horse, try the traumeel tablets – just mix them with a few with a few whole oats, or cut up bits of carrot or apple and mix with the tablets.)

What's more, it's not just for horses, I use it all the time too – especially for horse fly bites.

It's powers are simply mystical. You can use it for cuts / bruises, dog bites / muscle tension / back pain...basically, if it hurts - or is causing you or your horse pain - try it out.

(It's amazing for any skin irritation caused by friction from a saddle or bridle.)

But don't just take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

Click here on the 'ebay cheat sheet' and see how little you can get some cream or tablets for.

Of course, I'm biased, but I think you'll find it's money well spent.

Oh – and if any of have any Traumeel stories – please do mail me.

It's 100% natural – and amazing stuff.




  1. Bettina

    The product is called Traumeel manufactured by Heel, Germany, right?

  2. Patti

    Can you purchase Traumeel in Canada? If so, does anyone know where it is available? Thanks! Patti

    1. EBAY>>>has traumeel 😀

      1. Joni

        Almost any pharmacy has it.

  3. Barb

    The dose is a little vague? Large horse, phony, mini, etc? Sounds great, I have an older Mule who has some sore days, and even an older dog… I’m guessing this is a people product, but safe to use on equines? I’d like to try but waiting for more feedbck, thanks.

  4. Carol

    Its a homeopathic product and very safe. I have used it for years. Wont cure a cronic injury but will supply relief.

  5. Heather

    Please can you confirm the dosage for horses. My mare is recovering from a ligament injury, and even thought she is moving now without pain, I would like to give her some Traumeel

  6. Lily

    hang on, i thought this sight was great then you said “It’s amazing for any skin irritation caused by friction from a saddle or bridle” if your tack is causing your horse pain or “irritation” you shouldn’t be getting a product to reduce the pain you need new tack if you don’t now to avoid pain rather than treat it you ave no right to be anywhere near horse let alone owning them.

  7. OlderCowGirl

    You are so right about changing tack instead of putting a temporary fix on an injury. I need to know the ingredients first.

  8. Hilary

    i tried the gel on my horse, was ok, but I felt it was very pricey as it needs to be used regularly.

  9. Annette Smit

    Any one in SA who knows where it can be obtained & under what brand name?

    1. Michelle

      See waledaonline they seem to have tabs and cream.

    2. Louise Schaap

      All pharmacies stock it. Dischem has the tablets, cream and injections.

  10. Traumeel is a regular staple in my barn. My homeopathic DVM prescribed oral Traumeel for my 22 year old gelding when the “boss mare” kicked him hard on his flank causing HUGE swelling and skin abrasions. He wouldn’t let me near his flank, and I was told by my vet NOT to use the ointment/gel on an open wound, so the oral tablets worked well. Dose prescribed for my 1000 lb horse: 10 tablets (crushed) mixed with 1 Tbls molasses or honey. He licked it right out of the pan–no problems! Prescribed frequency: 3X daily until the swelling comes down. The swelling was significantly reduced within 4 days, and he allowed me to get near his flank by the 2nd day. Being able to get near him told me his pain was greatly reduced as well. Plus, he was walking normally with no limp after I started the Traumeel. The ingredients are all natural herbs and the product is often sold in health food or homeopathic supplement stores, usually in 60 tablet bottles. I don’t use the ointment on my horses as you can’t use it on open wounds and it’s messy to rub into the fur. Plus, I question the amount of absorption when rubbed onto an animal.

  11. penny curry

    Where can I get in north ID

  12. I have never herd of this Traumeel it sounds amazing i have just printed this page. my old horses
    have been leased out to a wonderful family who are taking great care of them, i shall put this to them.

    Thankyou so very much for this info

  13. Two items you should have in your First Aid Kit. Traumeel and Arnica. My horse suffers from very serious cases of Laminitis and I put her on these two and each time she recovers 100%. My other mare just went through a barb wire fence and her legs and hip were very cut up, along with large puncture wounds. I put her on Traumeel (for swelling) and Arinca (for Pain) right away. The vet has been out and was very surprised that she had no swelling in her legs and she was walking with very little discomfort. I have been using both for the past 6 years and would not use anything else. I love that they are natural and cannot hurt your horse. Another bonus, both horses love them and eat them right of my hand. Both can be bought at any Health Food Store. Note: Truameel has gone up in price as many massage therapists are advising people to use it. My horses are 1100 lbs and I give twice daily: 12 Arnica and 5 Truameel. Another great product for Laminitis and Swollen Joints is Omega Alpha Antiflam for Horses, it is all natural and can be used with Arnica and Traumeel. My horses let me know when they want the pills, if they are hurt or need them, they are standing waiting for them. Once they feel better, they sniff the pills and walk away, I stop giving them then. Please note: These should not be used to fight infection, always call a vet, but they are great for soreness, bumps, swelling, general old age and Laminitis.

  14. I buy Traumeel in cream form at my local chiropractor’s office for my back. I can say that it’s great for relieving my lower back pain. I’ve never asked about pills, but it’s only logical that if they don’t have them, they could order them for you.

  15. Sharon Morgan

    I have a 1,250 pound horse with a neck injury. How many would I feed a day?

  16. Lori

    Traumeel is a homeopathic, thus it is not prescribed like allopathic medicines. It does not matter how many you give them just because they are 1200 or so lbs. It also tastes sweet because it is suspended in lactose–try it yourself, you will see.
    The best way to administer it is to dissolve it in a syringe full of water and squirt it in the horse’s mouth. The larger syringe, the more doses you have. Just a few mls is fine for each dose. A great book called Homeopathy for Horses by Cheyenne West is well worth the investment. As someone else said, homeopathics can usually be purchased at a natural store, here in AZ, like Sprouts. Other natural stores may carry it, but they usually do not carry higher potencies. I have had great service from Homeopathy Overnight for online remedies that are “unusual”.

  17. Michelle

    Another fantastic product is Cortaflex. My TB uses it and is as spritely as ever, bounces around the field as if he was 2 not the grand old age of 25!! After seeing the difference in my horse, my husband started to use the human form of it and swears by it. Apparently it actually helps to repair tissue as well as relieve symptoms.

  18. Tina

    I wonder if this will help with sweet itch – my poor horse is in constant pain and irritation with it, been on anti hystamines etc had the vet but nah no help now entertaining putting her down – she is only 3 yrs old!! I shall get some of this and give it a go as we no having nothing left to loose!! will let you know how it goes. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THIS INFO

    1. Laura

      Entertaining the idea of putting down a 3 YO, because she’s a bit of a problematic keeper? Really? I’d find someone who’s able to care for her, who’d be willing to spend the time to get her comfortable, long before I’d ever be entertaining such an extreme idea to end her life, because you’re too tired or lazy to deal with your issue with her. Someone out there would surely find her a joy, and not mind that she’s a special needs type horse.

    2. Try milko balm (udder cream) plastered on good and thick, it soothes the itchiness and it prevents the wretched midges getting in and biting more, and traumeel tabs for the inflammation. It worked a treat for me.

  19. yvonne Altclass

    I Love your horse story.
    Over my twenty five years of practice, I believe Traumeel Tablets, cream or Gel(Heel) are without doubt the most effective of any anti inflammatory product on the market; can be purchased from me or many naturopathic practitioners and health food outlets throughout australia.
    Uses are many for humans and yes I have prescribed traumeel tablets for animals with great success.
    Yvonne Altclass: Naturopath Australia

  20. Susan

    I have a 28 year old Belgian Warm Blood mare. I would like to try Traumeel – what daily dosage are we talking about?

  21. You can go on the internet to and order TRAUMEEL and it tells the ingredients on the bottle if this is the same TRAUMEEL you are talking about, it also has ARINCA in it that someone mentioned. ❓

  22. Dianne

    you dont get Traumeel in south africa 🙁

    1. Gina

      Yes you do get it in South Africa. Dischem and most bigger pharmacies and health shops carry it.

  23. Its also available in ampules, and can be injected directly to the site of the injury or pain, so get your vet to stock it for strained tendons etc. The racing industry have been using it for ages. I always give my horses some after a big event whether they are feeling sore or not, it just helps them recover emotionally and physically so much more quickly.

  24. Pam

    Has anyone ever used it on sheep??

  25. My InfoDiana

    Hi I have a 26 year old mare that is on hormone shot when she walks her knees pop an crack. Does this work for this or just pain? 😳

  26. Gwenda

    I live in Australia but ordered from America from `vitacost` . very cheap compared to Australia

  27. Mac

    Can the product be used on dogs?

  28. Micaela

    Yes it can, I used it on my border collie mix who has pretty bad arthritis. My holistic vet suggested to use it for her.
    After reading all these posts I will try on my horses too. I am fostering a 30ish year old mare just pulled from the feed lot, a real sweetheart that is showing pretty bad arthritis, therefore stiffness and discomfort, and she hates bute … I will give traumeel a shot. Thank you all for the interesting feed backs 🙂 very helpful

  29. Karen

    🙂 Great thank you. Just had mare with small injury and swelling. Great reading all these comments. Never too old to learn.

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